Last updated: 04/26/2019

Security & reliability

Hubstaff protects your data

We take security very seriously at Hubstaff. Protecting your data is our mission. To that end we follow today's security best practices, including the following:

  • Data encryption in transit (https)

  • Data encryption at rest

  • Email confirmation

  • Strong passwords

  • Access controls

  • Detailed audit and system logs

  • Network security

  • Physical security

  • Hubstaff personnel policies and procedures

Backups & reliability

Our backups are continuous and incremental so we can restore to any point within the backup retention period.

We run redundant systems across multiple locations, with automatic failover to provide the maximum fault tolerance.

Bug bounty program

Through our public bug bounty program our applications are constantly being probed for vulnerabilities. This creates an environment of continuous testing by 3rd parties.

Frequently update code libraries

We use an automated system to monitor known security vulnerabilities in the open source libraries we depend on and respond quickly by updating them.

Incident response

In case of a data breach we have a procedure that dictates how and when to make a timely responsible disclosure to the affected parties with a first communication within 24 hours of us becoming aware of the incident.


Hubstaff does not retain data longer than is necessary to provide the service. Data retention is governed by our data retention policy.