How Hubstaff Tasks helped OS Solutions save time and improve workflows

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Managing remote team
of all different backgrounds.
Founded in 2016
to provide simple outsourcing.
3 locations all around the world
with over 150 remote employees.
Helping companies to
find the talent they need.

After being approached by so many people to help them with failing outsourcing ventures, we decided to open our doors to the public and provide businesses with complete custom outsourcing solutions.

Mendel Kras / COO at OS Solutions

Finding solutions for everyone

Among other services — like web development and graphic design — OS Solutions helps outsource talent from other industries to help meet their clients’ needs. “Unlike third-party contractors or consultants, outsourcing celebrates long-term partnerships. Outsourcing provides the upside of in-house service without any of the downsides,” explains the OS Solutions web page.

The OS Solutions mission statement

OS solutions was created to provide a cost-effective outsourcing service to our clients without compromising security, quality, or accuracy. We work with you to build a custom team who will take care of your business’s specific needs.

How they get it done

With such a long list of clients, OS Solutions has significant ground to cover. That’s why their team is mostly remote. The benefit of having employees all over the world, as opposed to in a traditional office setting, is that they can get more done with less overhead.

What makes OS Solutions unique from other outsourcing agencies is simple: They’re looking to build real relationships with their clients. They organize small groups of their team members, like a SWAT team, and send them out to work with numerous, varying clients all at one time.

There were just too many threads and miscommunications within our rapidly-growing company.

Mendel Kras / COO at OS Solutions

Signals getting crossed

When asking Kras what OS Solution’s number one problem was, he had only one word for us — inefficiency. A significant disadvantage that remote teams face is not maintaining adequate communication.

Up to this point, OS Solutions was leaving it to their project managers to inform and delegate jobs to each team member. With a team of over 150 people, it was far too easy for things to get lost in chaotic conversations.

Needing a solution

Kras knew there had to be a better way to manage a remote team. They needed to find a way to easily delegate individual tasks to everyone on their team without losing efficiency or causing further miscommunications.

We were growing, and we needed to find a solution to keep efficiency in the process.

Mendel Kras / COO at OS Solutions

Staying organized with 150 remote employees

Utilizing sprints, checklists, and Kanban boards, OS Solutions started prioritizing jobs, organizing detail-heavy tasks, and moving jobs through a workflow that worked for them.

Because Hubstaff Tasks adopts the best parts of the Agile project management methodology, Kras began to build out a proper workflow for each job that came their way. Doing this allowed them to hand off work to project managers who could accurately inform their team about what they needed to get done, without any confusion.

Having this allows me to see all the work being handed off, allows me to set it up as an urgent task, and saves me the time of going through emails trying to solve everything.

Mendel Kras / COO at OS Solutions

Simple task management

He’s not wrong. In Hubstaff Tasks, all you have to do to add someone to lead a task is to add them as an assignee. That’s it. The person you assign will get both a notification within Tasks and an email to let them know there’s a new job in their sprint. From there, they can organize all their jobs based on priority.

Customizable project boards

By using project boards in Hubstaff Tasks, you're able to break out each step in the process visually. Everyone on your team will always know a project's status and what needs to happen next. This gave Kras and his team the ability to format their workflow around their various needs.

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Everything they needed

Being able to move quickly and assign teams to different tasks gave OS Solutions better ways of communicating their goals for individual team members and projects. Not only that, it helped to clear up any possible misunderstandings when it came to handoffs.

Since all their conversations were now in one place, it saved the team a lot of time that would have usually been spent talking in circles online.

Hubstaff Tasks was their answer

OS Solutions needed a way to assign certain tasks to specific members of their team without sacrificing the time and efficiency they’d already built within their business process. An easy-to-use project management software provided just that.

Using Hubstaff Tasks, OS Solutions was able to easily assign jobs to specific people, organize deadlines, build boards and timelines, delegate jobs, and prioritize tasks.

What is OS Solutions up to now?

Since migrating to Hubstaff Tasks, OS Solutions has opened their third location in Pune, India to further the software development arm of the company. They’re looking to grow this part of the business by continuing to efficiently provide quality software for their clients.

OS Solutions’ final word on Hubstaff Tasks

Kras and the OS Solutions team feel very strongly that leaving their from-the-hip project management style for Hubstaff Tasks was the right move.

When asked who Kras would recommend Hubstaff Tasks for, he said, “Companies and team managers with either lots of tasks or big teams. Bringing all the handoffs and conversations into one place saves a lot of time when you look at it.”

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