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Easy time tracking software for ​freelancers

With detailed online timesheets, customizable productivity features, and automated payments using pay rates.

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Simple, smart freelance time tracking software

There’s an easier way to keep track of freelance work hours and rates. With Hubstaff’s web, mobile, and desktop apps for Mac, Windows, Linux and Chrome, just start the timer and begin working. See hours worked and send invoices in a snap.

time tracking apps for freelancers
Easy and accurate

Track your time as a freelancer

Track billable and non-billable time on client projects using one of Hubstaff's simple time tracking apps.

visual dashboard
Visual dashboard

Precise time and activity reporting

Organize projects by clients and save their information for easy billing. Invite them to Hubstaff so they can stay in the loop on your progress, without interrupting your workflow or time away.

Easy payments

Timesheets and invoicing

Generate invoices in seconds using time tracked toward client projects, and keep track of partial, full, and outstanding payments all in one view.

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Freelance time tracking

Get detailed timesheets and streamlined invoicing in one central tool.

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Freelancer time tracking and so much more

Time tracking

Web-timer and apps for desktop or mobile.

Maintain budgets

Set limits on projects and freelancer hours.

Track expenses

Keep track of any expenses related to freelance work.

Increase productivity

Learn and improve with detailed reports.

Client invoicing

Create easy invoices based on freelancer time tracked and bill rates.

Time tracking on desktop, mobile, or web

Track freelance hours using Hubstaff’s apps for macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS or Android.

time tracker dashboard

Tracking freelance hours is a breeze with Hubstaff

Get started today and free up time to focus on your business.

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Alin Spiridon

Web Developer at Epic Coders

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David Judge

Co-founder of Online Specialists

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Jeremy Reymer

Founder and CEO of DriverReach

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Tracking freelance hours is a breeze with Hubstaff

Get started today and free up time to focus on your business.

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