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ENC Construction automates crew management with Hubstaff geofencing

See how one construction company streamlines time cards, budgeting, and invoicing with one app.

Founded in 2017
by Javier Enciso Jr. in Chicago, IL
They are a general
contracting and development firm
Specializes in multi-units
both residential and commercial
Using Job Sites
to clock in employees

Business or bust

Javier Enciso Jr. was in high school when he drafted a business plan for his construction company. Without having any prior experience, he already had the passion and drive to run the best construction business in Chicago.

After getting his first job as a handyman and spending years learning the trade, Enciso founded ENC Construction and Development. Since that fateful decision in high school to pursue construction as a career, he has built ENC into a local construction and development icon.

Building a building company

“I underpriced the s--- out of my first job,” said Enciso. “At the time, I thought I had priced it fairly, but I still had a lot to learn.”

After several new clients and more on-the-job experience, Enciso was ready to break out and found his company.

“It has been a learning process,” said Enciso. “From learning how to price and markup correctly to reading floor plans to knowing the difference between rehabbing a house built in 1867 versus one from 1945.”

With his newfound knowledge, he built his team and started taking clients. They began erecting new homes, renovating developments, and rebuilding entire areas of Chicago.

But, as the ENC team started to grow, Enciso began to notice a few problems. Starting with his employees and their ongoing projects.

Our wide range of services ensures that we meet our clients' needs every time, on every front. Aside from our quality of work, what truly sets us apart is our team. Their dedication to providing world-class services to our clients, delivering exceptional work, and commitment to improving our communities, makes ENC Construction and Development a company with which our clients want to work.

Javier Enciso Jr / Founder and President

Did someone actually show up at the site?

A problem with any on-site job is that it’s hard to know when your people are actually working.

While Enciso trusts his team, there was still a lot of back and forth when it came to payroll and time cards.

He really had no way of knowing whether or not his crew actually showed up when they said they did. Even if they were telling the truth, he didn’t know precisely what job site they were at.

This made it complicated when it was time to figure out payroll for his hourly team.

Problems budgeting current and future jobs

Knowing how much he was spending on labor was extremely important to Enciso.

“It tells me how much I spend on any given task,” Enciso said. This was the only way he could adequately build budgets and estimate future jobs.

With paper time cards and payroll being tracked in a spreadsheet, he was uneasy that all his information was inaccurate.

It was also cumbersome to keep track of manually.

Hubstaff was the answer

“I started searching online for something to track employee time, with a GPS-enabled service,” Enciso said.

He knew that if ENC was going to have extremely accurate books, he’d need the technology to back it up.

“I wanted workers to clock in daily and on each job site, as my time had slowly become more limited so I could no longer do it manually.”

Thankfully, he found Hubstaff.

"We are a general contracting and development firm that does multi-unit residential and commercial remodeling and new construction, all while offering end-to-end construction services."

Javier Enciso Jr. / Founder and President of ENC Construction Development

Employee location tracking

The biggest thing Enciso was looking for was the ability to track his team, regardless of where they were.

Hubstaff’s geofenced job sites made that possible.

With job sites, you can set up a digital barrier known as a geofence. Once a crew member enters or leaves a set area, their smartphone’s GPS will automatically clock them in or out.

For Enciso, this meant that he didn’t have to continually check in with his crew or hop in his truck and monitor the job in person.

Additionally, it simplified scheduling. He was now able to schedule crew members for specific jobs, and there was no question of who was supposed to be on-site on any given day.

Hubstaff sends alerts when shifts are started late, left early, or missed completely. That’s one less thing for Enciso to track on his own.

Knowing how long workers are taking to move from one job to another or exactly where your workers are at all times is vital in construction.

Javier Enciso Jr. / Founder and President of ENC Construction Development

Better budgets and reports

With Enciso’s entire crew automatically tracking time, Hubstaff was able to generate reports that offered a deeper look at operations.

This meant that Enciso didn’t have to spend so much time manually figuring out the time tracked and how that translated to the budget.

When he needs to invoice a client, Hubstaff will automatically tell him what they owe and can export this as a PDF or send it directly to the client.

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Continuing to grow

Since introducing Hubstaff, ENC has been able to more accurately track jobs without adding more work.

Enciso was able to implement a system that not only gave him time back daily, but also gave him the ability to take a step back and know that his crew was staying on track.

“I am still extremely far from where I wish for my company to be,” Enciso said.

But he knows that, with Hubstaff’s help, he’ll be able to build his business into a well-oiled construction machine.

Hubstaff solves the problem of having to track workers manually and helps us budget better. It helps me know how many hours workers are at a job site from start to finish. Also, sometimes we partner with people who want to see our hourly reports, and I can easily show them. This app makes it all easier.

Their final word on Hubstaff

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