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work schedules
Plan employee schedules, hours, attendance, and time off
Schedule shifts for your entire team that repeat weekly
Get shift reminders and alerts for late, missed, or abandoned shifts
Employee scheduling setup

How Hubstaff’s employee scheduling software works

  1. Have your team install the desktop or mobile app

    Remote or field teams can download the desktop or mobile app for Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android. These hourly employees can also track time from their browser or the Chrome extension.

  2. Create a work schedule in no time

    Schedule employees and avoid conflicts by seeing all upcoming shifts in the calendar view. You’ll see employee availability for part-time or full-time staff to simplify shift planning.

  3. Streamline clocking in, attendance, and more

    Keep labor costs in check by creating geofenced Job sites that auto-start and stop the time clock based on GPS location. You’ll get alerts when shifts aren't started or stopped as planned.

User-friendly employee scheduling apps for small businesses

Employee scheduling app

Schedule hourly employees

See open shifts and assign work to the right employees to properly staff your small business. Team members can use Hubstaff's free mobile app to clock in wherever they are.

Employee schedules that are easy to set up, easy to adjust

Make the scheduling process easier by creating repeat shifts in just a few clicks. Then, drag-and-drop shifts as needed. Keep an eye on payroll costs by setting hours limits when scheduling employees.

Create a complete scheduling system

Connect Hubstaff with Zapier and add shifts to your Google Calendar as you create them. View shifts and get project details from any mobile device using the Hubstaff app or Google Calendar.

One dashboard to automate scheduling, attendance, and more

Achieve greater profitability by tracking labor costs closely

Track work breaks
Hours and budget limits

Prevent overtime and unexpected costs

Set employee hours limits to control labor costs and avoid unexpected expenses. You’ll get notified as you approach budget limits so you can adjust if needed.

Detailed reports

Dig into attendance and scheduling data

See how many shifts are late, filter by team members, and use that data to inform future work schedules. You can also see budget reports, activity, time logs, and much more with Hubstaff's shift planning software.

Work breaks

Create break policies and track time to them

Small business owners can set up breaks within work schedules. Choose paid or unpaid, how many employees are on the policy, and the duration. Your team can track time to their breaks for accurate record-keeping, and you can add unlimited employees to each policy.

Make shift scheduling so much easier

Accurate time tracking

Track hours easily from the iOS or Android apps. Then review and approve timesheets.

Geofenced Job sites

Set up Job site locations that tell the app to start and stop tracking upon arrival and departure.

Work orders & jobs

Create work orders with crucial client information all in one place. Create work schedules within work orders.

Payroll processing

Send payments using hours worked and set rates for each person. Or, export timesheets to your payroll provider.

Proof of work

See work unfold with completely customizable screenshots, apps and URLs used, and more.

Schedule distribution

Staff will see their shifts in Hubstaff and can check if things change from their mobile device.

Javier Enciso Jr. / ENC Construction

Hubstaff solves the problem of having to track workers manually and helps us budget better. It helps me know how many hours workers are at a job site from start to finish. Also, sometimes we partner with people who want to see our hourly reports, and I can easily show them. This app makes it all easier.

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